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bagan, myanmar

How’s it going?

My name is Carolyn Smurthwaite, I recently graduated from San Diego State University and began my gap year – one year off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I had no previous travel experience but I knew I wanted to see the world and experience life in other cultures. What was supposed to be a 6-week backpacking trip with a few girls from my school turned into a 3-month solo adventure through South East Asia. Between my personal growth and newly gained travel knowledge, I felt like a new person. I learned how to be truly self-sufficient and just like that – I was hooked on travel!

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Upon my return home to my small town of El Dorado Hills, CA I began planning my next trip out. I began to look up volunteer and work opportunities abroad with great success. Equipped with a one-way ticket, a 40L backpack and a love for adventure, my journey begins in Mexico City and continues southward bound. By working in the countries I visit I will have the opportunity to live life as the locals do and document it along the way.

My goal for this blog is to keep anyone interested in my travels up-to-date and to inspire my readers to take a gap year themselves. Thank you and happy reading!

South East Asia